Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin: an agent of change?

Sarah PalinAlthough the McCain campaign presents her as an agent of change, I am beginning to see similarities between VP nominee Sarah Palin and George W. Bush. The New York Times reports, "Throughout her career, Ms. Palin has pursued vendettas, fired officials who crossed her and blurred the line between government and personal grievance" (Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes , 9/13/2008). Like Bush she has replaced professionals with friends and she fired people she has personal issues with (including her ex-brother-in-law).

The Times also reports that Governor Palin and her top officials have used personal e-mail accounts for state business and that her staff discussed whether this could allow them to circumvent subpoenas seeking public records. Congress has uncovered that early in Bush's first term millions of messages in the White House went missing while using a private Republican Party e-mail system.

Despite posturing as an advocate for an open government, Palin's administration has effectively prevented a marine biologist at the University of Alaska from access to e-mail messages of state scientists who had examined the effect of global warming on polar bears. Palin has stated that global warming is not man-made and has sued the federal government to block the listing of the bears as endangered. The Bush administration has engaged in a systematic effort to manipulate climate change science.

And in a couple of other similarities to Bush, The Times reports, "Many lawmakers contend that Ms. Palin is overly reliant on a small inner circle that leaves her isolated. Democrats and Republicans alike describe her as often missing in action. Since taking office in 2007, Ms. Palin has spent 312 nights at her Wasilla home, some 600 miles to the north of the governor’s mansion in Juneau, records show." Not unlike Bush who prefers his residence in Crawford, Texas.

It should be noted that George W. Bush also presented himself as an agent of change and, to the degree that he has changed things, it has been for the worse. The Daily Show did a nice piece juxtaposing Bush in 2000 and McCain in 2008 which you can watch here (the best part is at the end of the video).

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